Man murdered, wife, friend arrested


CHENNAI: A woman and a man having extra marital relationship were arrested by the Chengalpet Police for murdering a man, Chengalpet Police said. The murdered man was the husband of Vanaja, 31, Police said. Murali, 36, married Vanaja, 31 and they had two sons. Murali became friends with Ramesh, 28 while doing a business deal and Murali invited Ramesh to the housewarming of his new residence, that was when Ramesh met Vanaja at the function. Vanaja after taking down Ramesh’s phone number kept in touch with him. Earlier this month, Vanaja, dropped and broke a high-end mobile phone. Vanaja had confessed to Murali that Ramesh had gifted her the phone. When Murali checked the phone he found personal messages to and from Ramesh. Murali advised Vanaja to end the relationship with Murali, Ramesh persisted in visiting Vanaja when he was away. Neighbours alerted Murali about the visits. Ramesh told Vanaja that the only way to continue the relationship was to kill Murali. Ramesh planned with Vanaja and hired a gang of contract killers to kill Murali. When Murali was returning home after work near Oragadam the gang killed him. The killers smashed his motorcycle to make it look like he had met with an accident. According to Police, “Neighbours said Ramesh was a regular visitor to the house”. While interrogation, Ramesh and Vanaja confessed to the crime. Police are on the look for the gang members who murdered Murali.]]>

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