Child’s murderer was arrested through CCTV images, Police


CHENNAI: Every now and then the Closed Circuit Television Cameras CCTV  has been proving that it is really a helpful tool when a crime is committed. Just recently a seven year old girl was murdered at Porur in Chennai and Police ware finding it hard to crack the case. The CCTV camera installed nearby had caught all the drama. Police said that the youth had been acting as if he knew nothing and even helped the girl’s parents to pass on the information to the police. The youth also joined in with the Police in searching the canals and drainages in the locality, fearing the girl might have fallen into one of them. Police added, “We first thought it as an accident as we could see the girl in the CCTV footage till 6 pm. We searched the entire locality but got no trace. Then we thought the girl could have been abducted and we kept the phone ready to record, expecting a ransom call. But a CCTV footage of the youth gave us the lead’’. A police team was checking the CCTV footage and they found the youth going out with the bag and returning without it. Mr. K Kannan, Assistant Commissioner of Police, SRMC said, “We grew suspicious seeing him returning without the bag and we started grilling him. He then started telling lies and on interrogation, he confessed to have committed the crime”. The youth lived on the second floor apartment in the same building, called the girl to his house when he was alone that day and sexually assaulted the child and when she cried out, he used a bedsheet to gag her and she died of suffocation, Police said.]]>

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