Polimer TV reporter stabbed by ganja sellers in Madurai, Police arrest 7


MADURAI: Polimer TV reporter Mr. Chandran was stabbed by drug peddlers Dinesh and Karuppu when he had gone to buy milk in Madurai on Sunday morning. After he was stabbed an unsuspecting Chandran sustained injuries in his left abdomen and left shoulder, Mr. Chandiran was immediately rushed to the Meenakshi Mission Hospital by the residents and admitted to the ICU, after treatment, doctors declared him out of danger, Police said. Resident of Postal and Telegraph Nagar in Madurai city, Mr. Chandran along with other residents of the locality had lodged a complaint against a gang peddling ganja in the area in October 2016. The Tallakulam Police registered a case against the gang and arrested seven drug peddlers. The gang members in act of retaliation after managing to come out on bail attacked Mr. Chandiran’s 18-year-old son. Police registered a case on the attack incident and it was also pending against the gang of ganja peddlers. Police said, meanwhile again the drug menace issue cropped up once again in the area. The residents this time tipped off Police about the gang’s activities and again lodged a complaint against them. Police arrested them. But they came out on bail. After this the gang conspired to murder Chandran to instil fear among the residents who go against their illegal activities. Police said, two of them waited for a chance and stabbed the reporter with an intention to kill him while he came out early in the morning to buy milk on Sunday. After this incident Police visited the spot conducted investigations. An attempt to murder case was filed at Kudal Pudhur police station. Police are on the lookout for the accused, Police said. Doctors attending on Mr. Chandiran said, the reporter would be moved to general ward in a few days.]]>

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