Ramanathapuram: Ramanathapuram district, Paramakudi Sub-Division, Parthibanur PS limit, One Sangupandi (49), S/o.Sonai, Keelaparthibanur have suspicion about his wife Indrani’s behavior and frequently quarrel with her. Due to this motive, on 18.07.2016 at 08.00 hrs, Sangupandi murdered his wife Indrani with sickle.

In this connection, Indrani’s relative one Malaichamy, S/o.Sankan, Keelaparthibanur gave a complaint in Parthibanur PS and a case was registered in Cr.No.222/16 u/s 307 @ 302 IPC. Parthibanur police had filed a charge-sheet and holding the prosecution.

The prosecution has proved that the offence beyond any reasonable doubt, on 30.01.2019. Hon’ble Justice Tr.Anilkumar, Additional District Judicial court, Paramakudi has awarded his life imprisonment to One Sangupandi (49), S/o.Sonai, Keelaparthibanur. The court also fined of Rs.3000/- to the accused.


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