Chennai Police Commissioner helped Sudan youth to his home town

Praveen Samuel

Chennai: Mr.Mohammed Musthafa from Sudan, who came to India in 2016 in a year long visa for his higher studies at a private college in Ramanathapuram district in Tamil Nadu. Since he has failed to focus on his studies and was roaming around, he failed in certain subjects and got arrears. It took four more months to finish his studies. At the same time, his visa period had expired and had stayed for a long period and he was forced to pay the fine for overstaying and was forced to the level to leave the country. Further, the money he had kept for his education and to take the air ticket was spent by him, so left with no other choice he had to roam around and later without taking ticket he took a train from Rameswaram and came to Chennai and roamed around in various places. Since he did not get a suitable job and also because he is a Muslim he sat at the gate of the mosque and begged for money and in that money he had his food. Since he did not have money to go to his own country he decided to commit robbery and also had done some petty crimes. In this condition last December on the marina beach when he was indulged in robbing cellphones from students the public caught him and handed him over to the Marina police Station. The Police Inspector Mr.Jayaraj filed a case against him and on the order passed by the court, he was put in prison. Mohammed Mustafa, who came out after four months of imprisonment, has returned to the area to restart what he was doing before. His movement had been studied by the intelligence bureau and the information was forwarded to the city Police Commissioner and he ordered the Marina police station Inspector Mr.Jayaraj to catch and bring the particular person so The Inspector Mr. Jayaraj ,Sub-Inspector Mr. Dinesh Kumar and 2 more police personal searched and found Mohammed Musthafa. In this situation, an inquiry was done on why he did not go to his native country. There was some legal problem to go to his native country Sudan, Chennai City Police Commissioner Mr. A.K. Vishwanathan, IPS ordered the Marine Police Inspector Mr. Jeyaraj and Sub- Inspector Mr. Dinesh Kumar to take the necessary steps to send Mohamed Mustafa back to his home country, Sudan. He was sent to his mother country on Saturday morning by sponsoring 60,000 rupees, including a flight ticket to his native country, with the permission of the Indian Civil Service Department at Sastri Bhavan in Chennai, and the Sudan Embassy in New Delhi. He said this incident cannot be forgotten in my lifetime. I am obligated for life to Mr. A.K. Viswanathan, Chennai Police Commissioner and Inspector Mr. Jeyaraj Sub-Inspector Mr. Dinesh Kumar. I am very happy to visit my hometown after three years. Moreover, will I be able to go to my own land or see my hometown or I was in confusion over whether I would die in India. You recovered me, forgave the mistakes that I have done, the Chennai city police have helped me go back to my home country. I will not forget this until I die he told in ecstasy and in happiness, he flew back to his home country. These measures of Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner and Police officers have received public support.]]>

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