RPF constable sacrifices life as he saved others’ lives

Praveen Samuel

New Delhi: A Railway Protection Force Police Constable Mr. Jagbir Singh Rana aged 51 saved the lives of a couple and three children on Sunday evening but in the process lost his own life. As the RPF constable was on patrolling duty between Adarsh Nagar and Aazadpur railway stations in New Delhi at around 9pm he noticed a couple who were busy arguing among themselves on a parallel railway track. Mr. Rana also simultaneously noticed the Hoshiarpur Express that was approaching on the track the couple were standing on. Loosing no time he acted swiftly and pushed both of them away from the approaching train. He also succeeded to step aside just in time. As this incident took place, Mr. Rana happened to notice three children who had come to dump garbage standing on the railway track, he saw the Kalka Shatabdi approaching, he shouted to the children telling them to move away from the track and they obeyed his word but unfortunately, he himself was unable to move away in time and was hit by the speeding train. The family members of Mr. Rana are his wife and two sons. They have decided to donate his eyes before taking his body to the village for the last rites. Mr. Jagbir Singh Rana had joined the Railway Protection Force in the month of July in 1989. He had won the meritorious services award in 2008 and in 2009 during his 29 years of service. Director General RPF Mr. Arun Kumar said that his name would be sent to the President for the bravery award.]]>

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