Robbery accused arrested by Mumbai police

Praveen Samuel

Mumbai: In association with the assault and robbery of a Jeweler, a case was registered last month with the Kalachowki police who arrested seven persons in this regard. The mishap took place near the Chinchpokli railway station at around 9.50 p.m. on April 6, as the victim, Ashok Sakariya, was on his way to his residence, which is located in Chinchpokli from Panvel, according to the Kalachowki police. The victim, Mr. Sakariya normally picked up jewellery from Panvel every week and took it home, and later would sell it at his Kalbadevi shop. On the day of the incident, April 6, the moment Mr. Sakariya stepped out of Chinchpokli railway station, a group of six persons who were on bikes confronted him and they assaulted him with choppers. In the attack Mr. Sakariya sustained serious injuries and loss of blood, and had to undergo a 10-hour surgery. The accused, meanwhile, made away with his bag, which contained gold jewellery weighing 1.2 kg worth Rs.35 Lakhs, the police said. A case of dacoity was subsequently registered by the Kalachowki police against unknown persons and initiated inquiries. During investigation, the police viewed the CCTV camera footage of the incident and identified the make of the three motorbikes. Simultaneously, studied were conducted in connection with the movements of mobile phones that had passed through the area, and worked with local informants. All these led us to Shahtaj Khan, Maruti Sonawane and Ayyub Sheikh, whome we arrested on April 12, Police Inspector Mr. Sachin Hire, Kalachowki police station, said. On interrogation the accused said to the police that Fayaz Shaikh and Rakesh Jaiswal are involved and based on their statement the police arrested Fayaz Shaikh and Rakesh Jaiswal. The leader of the gang was Mr. Ayyub and he had planned the robbery and the others were involved in the planning and execution of the offence, the police said. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IV) Mr. Sourabh Tripathi, said, Pankaj and Mahesh Soni have been arrested for purchasing the jewellery from Mr.Ayyub at a cheaper rate knowing that the product has been stolen. The police have recovered from the accused around 1.175 Kg of jewellery and two choppers that were used in the offence.]]>

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