Bag of cash taken into custody by police

Praveen Samuel

Chennai: The Abiramapuram Police have taken into custody a bag that was dropped by the men on a bike in the early hours of the day. In the early hours of the day at 1 a.m two persons who were riding a bike had a bag that they carried along with them. They dropped the bag on the road while they were crossing a road in Erikarai Street in Varadhapuram. The police team that were on duty at that time took the bag and called out to the persons on bike but they left the spot without listening to the calls made by the police. The police personal opened the bag and found it filled with new Rs.500 notes. They took the bag containing the cash to the police station. Further investigation is being carried out. A senior police official said that so far nobody has come forward to claim the cash. We have not yet evaluated the value of the currencies, but is estimated to be around Rs.1.5 crore. The cash will be handed over to the treasury department after counting.    ]]>

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