Mumbai Police detain man for attempting to cause fear among public

Praveen Samuel

Mumbai: In connection with threatening messages displayed on promotional pamphlets of the mall in Thane, a man was picked up by the Mumbai Police from his residence. The youth, a Vikhroli resident had a girlfriend and they were in a relationship for a period of seven years. Later his girlfriend broke up her relationship with him and so he was angry with her and they had fights frequently. She developed a relationship with another person and he was her new boyfriend. Angered about the action by his former girlfriend he wrote threatening messages stating that a terror attack will be done on Mumbai and put his former girlfriend mobile number along with his. These messages were taken by him and placed in a popular mall in Thane. His plan backfired at him as the the number he had given led the police to him. The Viviana Mall’s management on finding the messages contacted the police on Sunday and made a complaint stating that they had found written on their promotional pamphlets messages scribbled on it threatening a terrorist attack in Mumbai. These pamphlets had been put up near the toilets in the mall, the Vartak Nagar police said.  Senior Police Inspector Mr. Pradeep Giridhar, Vartak Nagar police station said, as the police were examining the pamphlets they noticed that someone had written messages on two different pamphlets. On one pamphlet, the message written was ‘Gazva-e-Hind’ and ‘Dadar Siddhivinayak Mandir Boom’. On another pamphlet, yet another message was written ‘ISIS IS coming, slipper cell is activated’. On investigating into the matter, the police obtained the registration details of both the contact numbers and one of them led the police to a woman staying in Navi Mumbai. On questioning her, she told the police that the other number was that of her boyfriend, and that both of them work in the same private firm, Mr. Giridhar added. On asking her whether she suspected anyone of wanting to get her into trouble, she replied saying the name Ketan Ghodke and she said that he was her ex- boyfriend and she had been in a relationship with him for the past seven years. She said she had recently broken up ties with him after she met her current boyfriend and this led to fights between the two, an officer who was part of the investigations said. On the statement given by the girl who was the man’s ex-girlfriend, the police made a search concerning the whereabouts of Mr. Ghodke and he was found to be available at his residence from where he was picked up on Sunday. He resides in Surya Nagar, Vikhroli. On interrogating him at the Vartak Nagar police station, he broke down and confessed to have scribbled the messages on the pamphlets. Since he indulged in public mischief by exhibiting un-parliamentary messages that could cause threat among the public he was detained and a non-cognizable complaint has been registered against Mr. Ghodke under the Indian Penal Code. On Tuesday, he will be produced before the court. He is still being interrogated to ascertain why he specifically chose the Viviana Mall for the purpose, the Senior Police Inspector said.    ]]>

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