Major achievement by BSF personal

Praveen Samuel

JAMMU:¬†On the international border in Jammu and Kashmir, the personal of the Border Security Force (BSF) spotted heroine and seized the contraband, which weighed 5Kg and was worth Rs.25 Crore. With the seizure the BSF have managed to foil the attempt to smuggle drugs by the drug smugglers from Pakistan into India. The drug consignment was spotted about 100 metres ahead of the fence inside Indian Territory in Suchetgarh sector, which was seized by the BSF personal. The material was smuggled from Pakistan and was suspected to be taken to Punjab through local Indian smugglers working for a Pakistan smuggling group run by notorious drug peddler Chaudhary Akram, a BSF spokesperson said. He added saying to break the network of drug smuggling efforts are on to identify the local smugglers. The BSF spokesperson said that the drug consignment recovery is a major success and the search operation was conducted on a specific information received by the force. During the search operation, the personal spotted a plastic can in a branch of Phalku Nalla. The plastic can that was recovered was searched and it was found to be filled with around five kilograms of drugs. The area of international boundary on Pakistan side is having a wavy surface with small nallas and wild growth which might have provided cover to smugglers to conceal the contraband,” he said, adding this was the first instance of attempt of smuggling on the Jammu IB seized by BSF. The BSF personal similarly recovered three kilograms of heroin from the Sunderbani sector of Rajouri district in December last, on a specific information received by the force. Efforts are on by the BSF in corporation with other agencies to get input and identify the local drug smugglers, which will thereby help break its network. The modus operandi adopted by the drug smugglers in both the cases of the recovery was the ”conceal and clear” method,” the spokesperson said.  ]]>

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