Four Maoist cadres apprehended by Visakhapatnam police

Praveen Samuel

Visakhapatnam: Anti-Maoists operations officers on special duty have taken into custody Six Maoists who surrendered before them on Tuesday. In another combined operation, Four-Maoist cadres of the Pedabayalu area committee were arrested and 5 kg of deadly explosive weapon, on steel carriage, an electronic detonator and a bundle of wire were seized from them. Police have revealed the identity of surrendered Six Maoist cadres as Korra Krishna, Golluri Tambru, Pangi Nageswara Rao, Boudu Venkatesh, Pangi Arjun and Sirimi Balanna.  They were also believed to the squad members of Korunkonda committee. The name of four Maoists arrested, were identified as E Chjittabbu, P Kotibabu, Golluri Modeswara Rao, and Vantala Kameswara Rao. They were all involved in various offensive cases like exchange of fire, blasts, looting other villages during famines and murders.    ]]>

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