Police apprehended two dropped out college students involved in criminal case

Praveen Samuel

Hyderabad: According to the police report, two culprits arrested in a cab driver stab case were dropped out of college students. The police arrested two uber driver offenders on Tuesday, at Kachingua railway station. The incident had happened in the moving cab at Hayatnagar. After the incident, the offenders had fled to Mumbai for their safety. The students began their illegal careers since they were dropped out of college. They are identified as K Praveen and M Prasanth from Chevella and Mominpet respectively. Previously, they were working in Shandnagar farm where they earned meagre amount of money. The duo was unsatisfied with the salary they were given. So, both had decided to pave the way to earn easy money. Finally, the duo landed up in robbing people. Police said that in order to execute their plan both had conducted a survey in and around the Koheda area at Haytangar. To execute their plan they stole a cell phone at Koti bus station when a passenger kept mobile on Charging. Using the same stolen phone, they had booked the cab on June 8, mentioning their destination as the Sanghi Temple in Haytnagar. When the cab was approaching the destination, they told the cab driver that their friend was not present at the mentioned place. So, they asked him again to drop them at Koti bus station. While they were on their return journey, Praveen stabbed the driver continuously with a knife on his head, shoulders and neck from the back. Immediately, Mr. Balaraju stopped the cab at a speed breaker in the middle of the road. Seeing this unusual stop of a cab, in the middle of the road, other motorists approached the cab. Instantly, Prasanth and Praveen escaped from the cab and ran into the bushes. Immediately, police reached the spot when the passerby informed them and had him taken to the Hospital. Since then the police had been searching for them, the inspector said.                    ]]>

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