Police deployed for the Rath Yatra on high alert

Praveen Samuel

Puri: Before the commencement of Rath Yatra, the police security force arranged a set of security measures for the safety aspect of the people and traffic regulations to make conveniently accessed of people to the place and guarded the consecrated town yesterday. Police replaced temporary CCTV cameras with the permanent ones, which had been caused damage during Cyclone Fani of recent time. Regretting of the past incident, director-general of Police Mr. RP Sharma stated that in 2008, 2010 and 2015, many devotees had faced trampled death due to crowd mismanagement. Therefore, security forces looked forward to ensuring the maximum hassle-free movement of devotees in Today’s Grand Rath Yatra. For this reason alone, at least 155 platoons of force have been deployed on the ground including rapid action force to avoid the stampede. In addition, he said that in order to avoid confusion and chaos, of lakhs of devotees police are mobilized amidst the crowd to control and direct them towards the right destination of seeing the deities. Accordingly, parking areas are too systematically arranged for four-wheelers and two-wheelers. Therefore, the police force is on high alert and putting forward their maximum effort for the safety of the devotees to keep them away from the stampede and other serious misfortunes.        ]]>

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