Bengaluru Traffic Police organized well being session for policewomen

Praveen Samuel

Bengaluru: The traffic police of Bengaluru conducted an exclusive session for the women police personal a program which was mainly focusing on the health and nutrition of the personnel on duty. The duty of women police personnel involves long hours outdoors, often with no access to drinking water, food or a restroom. This issue aggravates when the women traffic personnel is pregnant or menstruating. During such a period it is of great agony to the woman police personal. Keeping these issues in mind the Bengaluru Traffic Police organized an interactive health session for the first time to address the health and nutrition issues for women police personal on duty. The interactive session was attended by as many as 250 women police personnel attached to the Traffic Police Department recently. Senior doctors were invited by the traffic department from a reputed private hospital to address the issue and provide the women with valuable tips. A senior police officer said normally women police personnel face problems such as not being able to drink water during work to avoid liquid excretion since they find it difficult to find a proper place to relieve themselves. This problem is severe during menstruation and pregnancy. It is of utmost importance for them to maintain their health and maintain a proper diet in order to stay fit. Therefore the issue needs to be addressed. Ms. Sara Fathima, DCP, Traffic, North who organized the session said the session was of immense help to the women police personal who attended. A traffic policewoman said vital information was given to us by the specialists. But a lot more has to be done since the situation is different at the ground level. When a grievance meeting was conducted earlier the women police personnel had placed a demand seeking separate washrooms for themselves at the station level, which has now been provided at every police station. Efforts are being taken to bring the women personnel on par with their male counterparts. In connection with this the department is arranging training classes for the women personal in riding and driving two-wheelers and four-wheelers and providing help in obtaining a driving license, Ms. Fathima said]]>

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