Police arrested men for deception

Praveen Samuel

Ghaziabad: In accordance with the information received, police had raided a fake call centre in Vijay Nagar and managed to arrest three youths involved in the illegal and deceptive act on Tuesday. The police said that the trio had run a fake call cenetre from where they had been allegedly deceiving many insurance policyholders in Odisha and encouraged so many people to buy new policies on the pretext of receiving huge commission later and charged them in the name of GST for their great profit. The miscreants were identified as Sonu, Balram Singh, and Aman who were hailing from Bihar’s Buxar and Sahidabad respectively. The illegal call centre was just running for a new month. When police raided the spot, they recovered Rs 1.9lakh, phone receivers and mobile phones, registers with details of Policyholders, rubber stamps and letterheads from the trio. They had been shrewdly asking policyholders to pay GST for which they would be receiving premiums deposit. Everyone who wished to join was charged Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000.  ]]>

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