Police arrested three KSRTC crew assailant  

Praveen Samuel

Kochi: The Central Police arrested three miscreants who had physically assaulted a KRSTC bus driver and conductor. They had reportedly obstructed in carrying out their service in the area.

Pertaining to the case that happened on Chittoor Road on Monday, police arrested three accused namely- Padmasagar of Pizhala, Sreeram and his brother Hari Krishna of Udydogamandal at Eloor.

During the interrogation, the police were told that the accused were traveling on a motorcycle following the bus. They wanted to overtake the bus and therefore, reportedly horned for several times. Yet, the driver paid no heed to their horning and gave no space to overtake. After a short while, the accused overtook the bus and parked the bike in front of the bus. Immediately, when the driver stopped the bus, the trio assailant got into the bus and physically attacked both the driver and conductor said the police.

Police have registered a case against the trio for an offense under section 352, for obstructing the government servant while discharging the lawful duty of the Indian Penal Code.


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