Police apprehended two smugglers for the consignment of drugs

Praveen Samuel

CHANDIGARH: Delhi Police accompanied by two accused of Afghanistan nationals managed to seize heroin worth Rs 200 crore on Tuesday during the raid conducted in the Kundli area of Sonipat district. During the probe, Afghanistan nationals revealed Delhi police that the illegal heroin trade had been continuing for many years to India. The consignment of drugs was imported to India in the garb of dry fruits. The packets were concealed under the boxes of raisins and other dry fruits. One of the accused was a resident of Kandahar and the other hailed from Helmud, Afganistan, who had been visiting India constantly for trade purposes. Through the deployment of Intelligence Wing, the duo was arrested. According to the information received and accompanied by the duo, the Delhi Police had conducted a raid during which they were able to recover heroin worth Rs 200 crore, drugs stuffed in 102 boxes at a cold store in Kundli. Soon after the Delhi Police’s action, Haryana police is underway to ascertain the details of the owner of the Cold storage.  ]]>

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