Police insurgency pressurized Maoists to surrender

Praveen Samuel

SUKMA: During police insurgency launched in the Bastar region of Sukma district 14 Maoists surrendered on Sunday. It was the first day of the observation of Naxal Shaheedi Saptah which is celebrated every year in commemoration of their dead comrades. Every year the program commences from July 28 to August 2, for about a week. Recently, on the first day of the beginning of Naxal Shaheedi Saptah, the 14 surrendered Maoists before the police said that they were disappointed with the life they were living. The Maoists ideology and hardships life in the jungle disappointed them all the more and had even lost faith in violence perpetrated by the Naxals. The surrendered Maoists were involved in innumerable criminal offenses like illegal handling arms and looting polling material during the Panchayat elections, blazing vehicles deployed in road constructions obstructing roads, etc, and involving in many other minor offenses, police said. However, being compassionated to their self-surrendered act, the SuKma district court promised to provide compensation as per the policy of state government, the police added.]]>

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