Delhi Police arrested notorious criminals after encounter

Praveen Samuel

Noida: The Delhi Police in an effort to apprehend all the criminals that commit crime were taking all the efforts on their part but when the police came to arrest the deadly criminals each time, to get away from the police the criminals used to open fire at the police party and in the ensuring encounter the police successfully managed to arrest the criminals who were in possession of weapons in Noida and Greater Noida on Friday, the police officials said. The Police said that in the last five days they had taken a great deal of effort while arresting a total of eight dreaded criminals, including two contract killers. Each time the police had to undertake an encounter the criminals fired at the police personal and the police had to return the fire in order to apprehend them in Gautam Buddh Nagar. Noida SP Mr. Vineet Jaiswal said the criminal, Harendra Pal was arrested around 1.45 a.m. on Friday near Ganda Naala in Sector 15 after a gun battle. The accused was wanted in a case of loot on July 28 and also he had other cases of loot, attempted murder filed against him at various police stations in the district. He was carrying a reward of Rs.25,000 on his arrest. The accused had tried to flee and opened fire on the police. He got injured in retaliatory fire and has been hospitalized. Another criminal, Brajesh Lal who is accused in half-a-dozen cases of loot and snatching, was arrested after an encounter in Sector 54. In an effort to flee the police he opened fire but was injured in the retaliatory firing and then arrested by the police officials. Another criminal, Aakash Prasad, who had escaped from police custody when he was at the Surajpur court on Thursday. He was arrested in Dadri by the Dadri Police on Friday, police officials said. Greater Noida SP Mr. Ranvijay Singh said that the accused, Aakash had 17 cases of robbery, attempt to murder against him and was being produced in the court on Thursday but escaped from the police custody. The Dadri police got a secret information about his whereabouts on Friday and arrested him. On arresting him two firearms and ammunition were seized from his possession. The police arrested two criminals on Thursday who are experts in shooting and belonged to the Billu Dujana gang following a gunfight with police in Noida Phase II and meanwhile on Wednesday, a criminal wanted by the police in half a dozen cases of robbery and murder was arrested after an encounter in the same region. Two criminals were arrested by the police consecutively on Monday and Tuesday. Each of them were involved in different crimes. One was a man who was involved in a robbery at an office who was arrested on Monday and the other is a wanted criminal who is a gangster and was arrested on Tuesday in Greater Noida.  ]]>

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