Delhi Police arrested dreaded criminal

Praveen Samuel

New Delhi: The Delhi Police arrested a gangster who had committed murders. He was part of a gang and was actively participating in the activities. He is an expert shooter. The police said on Sunday that the accused was arrested Ible Hassan alies Dilshad was the accused and active member of the gang. When a team from Shaheen Bagh police station were keenly watching the activities of the criminals that came out on bail recently. The police received a discreet piece of information regarding the ware about of Ible Hassan and they set a trap at Abul Fazal Enclave where he was found to be present and arrested him. The police then recovered a country-made pistol and a live cartridge from his possession, Additional DCP (South-East) Mr. Kumar Gyanesh, said.  While he was being interrogated, the accused, Ible told the police that he was originally a vegetable vendor before he got into bad company. He said to the police that the motive for starting crime was to earn quick money and he started committing crimes from the year 1999. In the year 2008 he said that he committed a murder in order to avenge the murder of his cousin Wakeel Ahmed. The murdered person he said was Shameen and the murder was committed at Gulaoti in Uttar Pradesh. He said he was in jail for three years after the murder. In the year 2014 the accused Ible committed two murders. One murder was committed at Okhla and another was Akil Mama at Jafarabad. The motive behind these two murders was personal enmity. While he was murdering Akil Mama his brother Zahid witnessed and became the eyewitness. As Zahid’s life was under threat he was provided a personal security officer by the Delhi Police. The accused Ible planned to eliminate Zahid and in 2015, Ible, along with his accomplices sprinkled chili powder in the eyes of Zahid’s PSO and killed Zahid. The police said Ible was released on bail in the month of June. Due to the MCOCA proceedings that were initiated against the gang leader Abdul Naseer and his gang members by the Crime Branch, all of them went into hiding underground. During their absence, Ible was planning to lead the gang and was looking forward to recruit new people.  ]]>

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