Road safety awareness conducted for Madurai City College girls

Praveen Samuel

Madurai: City Traffic Police Inspector (South) Mrs. Palthai, conducted the following awareness program to the girl students of Fatima College in Madurai city.

  1. How to follow road rules.
  2. The importance of driving license and how to get it, its
  3. The positive and negative results in insuring vehicles.
  4. The importance in wearing helmet while riding two wheelers and the consequences that follows when a person who is riding a two wheeler without a helmet meets with an accident.
  5. The punishment for the persons who permit children below the age of 18 to ride two whelers.
  6. The important reasons that causes road accidents and checking the condition of the vehicles before riding them and the methods that need to be followed in fixing issues.
  7. The accidents that could occur while driving when speaking on cell phones and its consequences.
  8. The negative effects that occur when three persons travel in a two wheeler and the punishment thereafter.
In the event more than 4000 college students and professors participated and were benefited.]]>

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