Superintendent of Police Tr.Omprakash Meena, IPS, launched e-challan devices to penalize violators on the spot and also to take other necessary actions against them and also gave the new E-CHALLAN machine to Tmt.Suntharambal, Inspector of Police, AWPS (i/c) Ramanathapruam Town PS, Tr.Dhanabalan, Inspector of Police, Bazaar PS, Tr.Prabhu, Inspector of Police, Kenikarai PS and Tr.Azhagu Meenatchi Sundaram, Head Constable, Ramanathapuram traffic PS. Through the initiative, this advanced device has an in-built printer with 4G internet connectivity. People who are caught for speeding, drunken driving, riding without wearing Helmet and indulging in other traffic violations will be penalized with a challan. Vehicles of repeated offenders will be seized. If a person violates any traffic rule, his or her information will be uploaded online, thus showing the number of times the person has violated the rules. Once the vehicle registration number is uploaded to the device, the owner’s residential address and insurance details will be shown. Through the device, the traffic police personnel can also initiate cancelation of the offender’s driving license. The number of road accidents has considerably come down in the district in the last one year. The offender can make the payment by swiping an ATM card. If the offender does not hold an ATM card, he can make the payment at the e-sevai centre at the nearest post office or State Bank of India branch. If an offender did not pay the fine, it would reflect in the device and the online portals equipped with Vahan 4.0 and Sarathi 4.0 software. As part of the system, the enforcing officers would be able to identify stolen vehicles and impound them. Challans could be issued against vehicles belonging to any State and the offender would not be able to renew his license or the fitness certificate of his vehicle. The newly proposal provisions in the motor vehicle act, 1988, including higher fines for traffic violations and stricter penalties will be incorporated in the e-challan system. In this event Tr.Aldrin, Deputy Superintendent of Police, ALGSC (i/c) Ramanathapuram Sub Division and also other Police officers participated.]]>

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