Hans and Kutka seized by Police worth Rs 72 lakh, Coimbatore COP Mr. Sumit Saran IPS appreciated the Officers.


Coimbatore: Recently, the police commissioner of Coimbatore, Mr Sumit Saran, has received confidential information about the sale of Hans and Kutka to the children of Coimbatore City School.

Subsequently, on the orders of the Deputy commissioner Police, Hans and Kutka were banned at Saravanampatti checkpoint.  Inspector of Police Mr.Selvaraj, along with a police team including Mr Kandaswamy and a team of officers, conducted an intensive search and found about 700 kg of Hans and Kutka hijacked in an Ashok Layland mini-loaded vehicle.

This was followed by an investigation into the arrest of four people at the cost of Rs. 72 lakhs seized by Hans and Gudka, who had been keeping in Gordon.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr Sumit Saran, IPS, appreciated the Officers.


Our Citizen Reporter  from Coimbatore

Mr. A. Gokul

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