Bengaluru Police arrested man involved in international human trafficing

Praveen Samuel

Bengaluru: A man who was responsible for trafficking two women to Kuwait in the name of getting good jobs was arrested by the police with the help of their neighbor who is a taxi driver.
After the taxi driver aged 30, from Hennur received a desperate call for help from the ladies who were trafficked to Kuwait. He conducted a sting operation to identify the person responsible. After identifying the accused he had the accused arrested.
The accused was identified as Syed Khadar aged 65 and he ran the racket via an international job consultancy firm he owned that was operated out of Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.
The police suspect that the accused is part of an international racket.The police said that the accused paid for the visas of the women in June 2019. According to the taxi driver, it was the accused’s firm that sent his neighbors, a 24-year-old woman and her 45-year-old mother, to Kuwait by promising them an office job.
On reaching Kuwait the passports of the two women were seized from their possession and were made to work as domestic helps. Moreover the women were raped by their employers. They were kept prisoners at the last employer’s house but after a period of several months they grabbed an opportunity to make an international call and contacted their neighbor, Syed Tabrez, on November 26. They told him about Khadar and gave him his contact details, the police said.
The taxi driver took his friend, IIyaz into confidence and called Khadar. The two managed to convince Khadar that they knew several women who were looking for jobs in Kuwait and requested a meeting. Khadar agreed to the meeting and came down to meet Tabrez and IIyaz so that they could discuss as to how the women would be taken to Kuwait.
The meeting place was fixed to be held at Tumakuru. Onn meeting him Tabrez and IIyaz forcibly took him to a local police station in Tumakuru and filed a complaint.
The Tumakuru police in turn transferred the case to Hennur police for further investigation. The accused was arrested and a court remanded him in judicial custody on November 27.
In the complaint to the police, Tabrez said the victim was working as a housekeeping staff at a private school in the city and was living with her mother. Khadar promised the two ladies, decent jobs with good salaries. The victims flew to Kuwait from Delhi in June. As soon as they landed in Kuwait, they were taken to a consultancy from where they were sent to different houses to work as domestic help. The mother was even sent to Saudi Arabia for a month to work in another man’s house before she was reunited with her daughter in the house where her daughter was working.
A senior police officer said that they will seek the custody of Khadar for conducting the interrogation to get some feedback regarding the racket. Once we get all the details, we will take up the matter with our higher authorities so that the women can be brought back to Bengaluru.

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