Bengaluru Police rescued kidnapped boy in record time and arrested the accused

Praveen Samuel

Bengaluru: The Bengaluru Police rescued a 13-year-old boy from the hands of his kidnapper who was the boy’s first cousin. The rescue operation was accomplished within 12 hours after getting the alert.
The police received a complaint from the father of the boy stating that his son had been kidnapped. He said that he had received a call from his son’s abductors stating that they were to be paid an amount of 50 Lakhs upon which his son will be released.
Based on the complaint the police initiated an investigation into the case. Mr. Sharanappa S.D., (DCP East) formed three teams to probe the case and rescue the boy.
The rescue police team, in the early hours on Sunday, opened fire when two of the three accused kidnappers attempted to attack them in a bid to escape. A senior police official said that all three men were subsequently arrested. The prime accused, Moin, turned out to be the victim’s first cousin. He had masterminded the kidnap and for this purpose involved his two friends, Ayaz and Mubarak.
During interrogation it was found that the other accused were heavily in debt and allegedly needed money desperately to clear the loans. They told the police that as Moin had promised them a huge sum of money, they agreed to the plan. A senior police officer said that they had initially planned to kidnap two boys, the 13-year-old and another minor who was a distant relative of Moin’s. The accused had planned for two months as Moin tried to figure out ways to go through with it without being identified. As one of their plans failed, Moin decided to kidnap only his 13-year-old cousin. He set the ransom amount for Rs. 50 lakh.
A plan was formulated to kidnap the boy and as per the plan, Ayaz and Mubarak went to the victim’s house in Banaswadi on Saturday and called him out seeking directions to a hotel that his father owned. They told the boy that he needed to deliver goods to the hotel and asked him to accompany them on their motorcycle. The boy agreed and got onto the pillion seat after which they forcibly took him to a house on the outskirts of the city where they left him gagged and bound.
After succeeding in kidnapping the boy the accused later called the boy’s father from his cellphone and demanded a ransom of Rs.50 lakh for his safe release. The accused also threatened to kill the boy if he went forward and informed the police.
But the father of the boy immediately approached the police and filed a complaint concerning his son. Following the complaint late on Saturday night, a team headed by Inspector Mr. Ajay Sarathy in plainclothes went in an auto rickshaw to deliver the ransom and confronted Mubarak and Ayaz at the drop location. The accused Mubarak, sensing trouble, attacked head constable Mr. Renu Nayak with a dagger in a bid to escape. However, Mr. Sarathy opened fire and shot at Mubarak. The Police team nabbed Ayaz who led them to the boy.
The police recovered a dagger and a chopper from the possession of the accused. Based on their confession, the police arrested Moin from his house. He had kept the matter a secret from his family. His family did not suspect that he had anything to do with the disappearance of the boy until the police knocked on their door. Both Moin and the victim’s family are in the hotel business and are a joint family unit. Moin knew that his uncle was rich and wanted to make quick money,” said the police who have taken the three into custody.

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