The Chandigarh Traffic Police have given instructions of driving during heavy rains

Praveen Samuel

Chandigarh: The Chandigarh Traffic Police have advised and given instruction on how to drive during heavy rains on waterlogged roads. The instructions are as follows. It is advisable to take a break and stay indoors while it is raining heavily and keep a tab on the weather. Avoid driving if the water level is above the exhaust or else your engine can get severely damaged. Try to take alternative routes that are likely to be less flooded.

Drive slowly so that you can gain control of your vehicle as waterlogging conceals potholes and open drainages on the road. Driving fast can cause water ripples that hit the sides of the road to come back to raise the water level. Speeding also causes inconvenience to other road users. It is best to drive in the first gear while keeping the throttle gently pressed at all times to maintain a constant speed. This would avoid water from entering the engine and the exhaust pipe. In case you need to reduce the speed use the clutch but don’t reduce the engine speed. After crossing the flooded area, continue to accelerate the engine to clean the silencer. The roads are designed with a tilt to the left side for the rainwater to drain out.

Turn off the air conditioning if possible in your vehicle so that the fan in the engine compartment would not be damaged by the water logging in which you are driving. Use hazard lights in case the visibility is too low. Do not follow heavier vehicles as those displace a large amount of water that can cause water to enter your vehicle.

If the vehicle stops avoid re-igniting. Do not open the bonnet as more water can get into the vehicle. Do not keep the vehicle stranded in the middle of the road as it may lead to a big queue behind. Get down and signal vehicles behind you or get your towed vehicle pushed to the left side of the road. Call traffic helpline 1073 for towing your vehicle. If there are any traffic jams or congestion on the road please be patient and wait for traffic police. Driving through rains can be a stressful task for you and your car. Try to stay calm and do not panic. Call 100 or 1073 for police assistance.

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