Nellai Police arrested the 4 accused in 16 days who committed robbery of gold jewellery at house

Praveen Samuel

Tirunelveli: The Nellai police arrested 4 persons belonging to Tirupur who had come, stolen and escaped by scanning 460 CCTV footage and by traveling 400 Km and with the evidence of a small 3-inch sticker.

On 20th December when Thamilchelvan of Tirunelveli, VM Satra had gone to his native place the lock of his house was broken and the accused who had entered the house looted 77 sovereigns of gold jewelry. Since this robbery was the largest in the year 2019 in Tirunelveli this case was considered as a very complicated one to the Tirunelveli Police. On the orders the Nellai Municipal Police Commissioner Mr. Deepak Tamar, the separate unit was headed by criminal investigator Ms. Jayalakshmi.

At first, the police investigated the home where the robbery had taken place along with forensic experts. From the outset of the investigation, it was found that the robbers were experts. They avoided fingerprint recording carefully. They left no evidence. The police have begun surveying the CCTV footage of the vehicles that had gone in the area on the night of the robbery. As the police were continuously inspecting the vehicle numbers of the number of vehicles that had passed by they got an important clue from the vehicle numbers that they had collected. They found that the number on a vehicle was only a fake number in one of the vehicles that passed through the area.

Is this is not enough, who else will use a car with the fake number? The Police concluded that the car may have been used by the robbery gang. The police who had been continuing to follow the direction that the car had taken had already had the benefit from the CCTV cameras that were installed with the initiative of police officers across Nellai like that of Chennai where the CCTV cameras were installed everywhere. The police team, who had begun their search on every side patiently scrutinized 460 CCTVs at the highway, checkpoints, cafeterias, shops, commercial establishments and homes which had CCTV cameras. The CCTV footage of the particular car was collected from each of the CCTV that was inspected and the footage was inspected from each section and they proceeded in the same manner. The police in this way have studied the CCTV footage that covered a distance of 400 kilometers.

But that was not easy. After covering a hundred kilometers, this car with the number plate went missing. But the same color car crossed the area. This caused great confusion for the police. They became tired of the search. The Police wondered how the car went missing after getting so far. Then the police get a little clue. This clue becomes the main clue to apprehend the robbers. The robbers parked the car at the hotel and have eaten there. It looks like 4 people are getting out of the car. After confirming the four, they appear to be one of the four who have already been involved in several thefts. The Police arrested the four accused identified as Ramayayam, Kuruvi Shakti, Mohammed Rafeeq and Yasser Arafat. They were then brought to the police station and on interrogating them several startling reports were revealed. They are involved in over 50 cases. They come in luxury cars and make a note of the locked houses and they come and break open the locked houses, rob the materials and flee in a luxury car within a matter of minutes. In order to sell the looted jewelry without being doubted the accused had started his own jewelry shop with the name of Mangalam jewelry in his hometown.

The accused told the police that after committing the loot in any district the businessman will come to his hometown and settled down. They came to the temple to want to their God that the shop that they had started with the looted jewelry will do well. Since they have come they decided to commit a robbery at Nellai and so they committed the robbery. The highlight is that the accused without knowing the capacity of the Nellai Police committed the crime and fell into the hands of the police. Commissioner of Police Mr.Deepak Tamar appreciated the police personal for their efficiency and the effective arrest of the robbers. Also, the Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Mahesh Kumar and (Criminal) Saravanan (Law & Order) also praised the police.


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