The Tamil Nadu Police Orchestra is a rare opportunity to be seen by the people of Chennai

Praveen Samuel

Chennai: In Tamil Nadu, there have been clashes between the public and the police in recent years. As a result, the Tamil Nadu Police Department is taking various steps to establish a relationship between the police and the public.

As such, the police are raising awareness through police music groups in areas such as bus stops, railway stations, shopping malls, parks and beaches where the public is crowded on weekends in Chennai and all the districts. It is noteworthy that the police band was used only for ceremonial parade and retirement ceremonies.

At present, the Tamil Nadu Police Music Group has been formed to raise public awareness, and the Director-General of Police Civil Supplies Criminal Investigation Department, Dr. Pradeep V Philip IPS, is in charge of it.

The Tamil Nadu Police Band is a regular band that participates in national competitions annually and is used to receiving awards frequently. This year, at the behest of the prestigious Director General of Police, Dr. Pradeep V Philip IPS, Additional Director General of Police, Armed Force, Mr.Sankar Shival IPS and On the advice of Mrs. Venmathi IPS, Tamil Nadu  Special Police Training Center, Mr. Udayakumar, Head of the Tamil Nadu Special Police Training Center, Pro-Inspector Mr. Harry Phillips Band Master and Mr. K.R.Paul, retired Indian Navy Officer Band Coach, will be attending the 20th All-India orchestra competition in Secunderabad.

As part of this, the Tamil Nadu Orchestra is conducting concerts in places where the people are most likely available in abundance to enhance the relationship between the police and the public, to get the public goodwill, to enhance public awareness and to practice and develop their ability. Accordingly, it is going to be held for three days; today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (February 7, 8 and 9).

Today at the sixth gate at the Express Avenue Mall at Chennai-Rayapetta on (Feb 7) from 4 pm to 5 pm the music concert will be held, tomorrow the concert will be held at the Velachery, Phoenix Mall Sultan Biryani Entrance Center, from 4 pm to 5 pm. The day after tomorrow, Sunday the music concert will be held at the Vadapalani Vijaya Forum Mall in Chennai from 4 pm to 5 pm. on the right side of the entrance.

At this event, the public is invited to participate in the competition and to encourage our policemen.

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