Traffic Awareness given by Mr. N. S. Bundela, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic Headquarters, Delhi

Praveen Samuel

Delhi: Mr N. S. Bundela, Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic Headquarters, Delhi said the festival of Holi will be celebrated on 10th March 2020. The Delhi Traffic Police has made elaborate traffic arrangements to ensure the safety of motorists on roads and check the incidents of drunken driving, over speeding, reckless driving, zig-zag driving, dangerous driving, red light jumping, triple driving, driving by minor, driving/riding without a helmet, performing stunts on two-wheeler etc.

Special checking teams with alcometeres will be deployed at major intersections and vulnerable points to detect and prosecute traffic violations. Special traffic police checking teams with interceptors along with PCR and local police teams will be stationed on various roads and strategic locations or intersections all over Delhi to check drunken driving, red light jumping etc. Interceptors will be deployed at various vulnerable roads to check incidents of over-speeding.

As per the direction of the Honourable Supreme Court Committee on road safety, in cases of drunken driving, red light jumping, using a mobile phone while driving, dangerous driving and over speeding driving licence will also be seized and liable for suspension for a period of minimum 3 months. An action shall also be initiated against the registered owners of vehicles whose vehicles are found to be driven by minors or unauthorized persons, performing stunts, driving without licence etc.

Therefore the motorists are advised to obey traffic rules especially the following. Not to drink and drive. Observe prescribed speed limits. Obey traffic signals. Not to indulge in racing or competition with other vehicles. Especially two-wheeler drivers/riders to wear helmets and avoid triple riding. Not to indulge in reckless, dangerous or zig-zag driving. Not to allow minors or unauthorized persons to drive your vehicle. Not to indulge in performing stunts on two-wheelers.

Delhi Traffic police appeals to all motorists to avoid traffic violations especially drunken driving, over speeding, triple riding without helmet, driving in wrong carriageway etc. Parents should not allow their minors to drive vehicles. All motorists are advised to obey traffic rules and regulations and follow the directions of the traffic policeman on duty for their safety as well as the safety of other road users.





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