Madurai City Police arrested 7 persons with arms for planning robbery

Praveen Samuel

Madurai: When Jindalpuram (S&O) police station, Inspector Mr. Arumugam, was on patrol duty, he questioned seven persons who were standing in a suspicious manner in Jeevanagar 1st Street. On questioning, he came to know the names of the seven persons. They are Shanmuganathan, Muthumani Bose, Ajith Kumar, Karthick Kumar, Chittamanikandan, Manikandan and Karan and on making a search on them it was found that they had two knives, a razor, a screwdriver, and two chili powder packets. Police Inspector Mr. Balamurugan, arrested and interrogated the seven men and they admitted that they were planning to loot in the Jaihindpuram area. The seven persons were remanded to judicial custody.

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