Tamil Nadu Police monitoring the checkpoints in major border areas of Tamil Nadu.

Praveen Samuel

Tamil Nadu: The police are monitoring the checkpoints in major border areas of Tamil Nadu. The Details of checkpoints are as follows.

Northern Territory

Thiruppathur District Kollapalli Checkpoint, Mantandapally checkpoint in Vellore district Thiruvallur District Workshop Thiruvallur District Nagalingapuram Checkpoint, Villupuram District Kengerampalayam Checkpoint, Villupuram district clearance checkpoint, Villupuram District Moratuwa Checkpoints, Cuddalore district is a beautiful checkpoint, Cuddalore District Checkpoint.

Western Territory

Thiruppur Municipal Corporation Tirupur Municipality Ammapalayam Checkpoint, Amravati checkpoint in Tirupur district, Coimbatore District Gopanari Checkpoint, Coimbatore District Anicutty Checkpoint, Mangalore Checkpoint in Coimbatore District, Velankavalam Checkpoint in Coimbatore District, Coimbatore District Shopping Center, Gopalapuram Checkpoint in Coimbatore District, Vaddukkadu Checkpoint in Coimbatore District, Coimbatore District Current Checkpoint, Zamind Kalipuram Checkpoint in Coimbatore District, Coimbatore District Chemmanampathy Checkpoint, Govindapuram Checkpoint in Coimbatore District, Veerappakoundan Budur checkpoint in Coimbatore district, Mulli Checkpoint in Coimbatore District, Salem District Kolathurur Checkpoint, Kumarapalayam Checkpoint in Namakkal District, Kumarapalayam Checkpoint in Erode District, Erode District Checkpoint, Burgur Checkpoint at Erode District, Pannari Checkpoint in Erode District, Kuruvinayanapalli-Kalikoil checkpoint in Krishnagiri district, Krishnagiri District Jujuyadi Checkpoint, Vepanapalli checkpoint in Krishnagiri district, Kummalapuram Checkpoint in Krishnagiri District, Krishnagiri District TVS Checkpoint, Kakkanur district of Krishnagiri district Krishnagiri District Nadamanalayam Checkpoint, Solady Checkpoint in Nilgiris District, Nambiargannu checkpoint in Nilgiris district, Nilgiris district graduation checkpoint, Nilgiris District Natukani Checkpoint, Nilgiris District Kottoor Checkpoint, Nilgiris district liquor store Nilgiris district sandstone checkpoint, Nilgiris District Poolakunnu Checkpoint, Nilgiris District Kakuntu Checkpoint, Nilgiris District Talur Checkpoint, Nilgiris District Kakkanala Checkpoint, Nilgiri District Masinangudi Checkpoint.

Central Territory

Vangoor Checkpoint in Nagapattinam District.

Southern Territory

Theni District Lower Camp Checkpoint, Theni District Pole Stretch Checkpoint, Tenkasi District Puliyarai Checkpoint, Kanyakumari District Kaliyakawila National Highway Checkpoint, Kanniyakumari District Kaliyakkavil Poultry Checkpoint, Kanniyakumari District Kalidakkavil Padandalumoodu Check Point, Kanniyakumari District Kaliyakawila Market Road Checkpoint, Arumani Seriyakolla Checkpoint in Kanyakumari District, Kanniyakumari District Check Point.


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