Rachakonda Police arrested Nepali robbers

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Rachakonda:  The sleuths of CCS (Malkajgiri & LB Nagar) and SOT teams with the co-ordination of Nacharam Police of Rachakonda Commissionerate have made sincere efforts and arrested four Nepali nationals for committing robbery in HMT Nagar of Nacharam on 19.10.2020 and seized 09 tulas of Gold and Net cash Rs.1,49,876/-,  two Wristwatches, Lorazepam sleeping pills one strip and one Cell phone.

Details of the arrested accused

1 Mrs. Maya @ Manju W/o Baba Singh Age: 35 yrs, Occ: Maid Servant, R/o Langadi Chatakpur. (V). Dhangodhi (Thaluk), Kailali, Nepal.

2 Rajesh Chabilal Soni @ Jaya Bahadur Sunaar S/o Chabilal Sunar, Age: 45 years, Caste: Sony (Sunar). Occ: Watchman at River Park Society. Vakkad Chinchod. Pune N/o Tikapur, Kailali, Nepal

3 Hemprasad S/o Pashupathi, Age: 44 years, Caste: Brahmin, Occ: Watchman at Sangeetha House ( Under Construction Building), rakka Chinchod. Pune N/o Surketh. Chapre, Panchapuri, Nepal

4 Nirmal Saud S/o Ramsingh. Age: 42 years. Caste: Saut, Occ: Labour at Crusher Machine, Pune N/o Janaki Rural Municipality. Ward No-6, Kailali. Nepal. 5 Smt. Visna Sunar W/o Rajesh Chabilal Soni, Age: 40 yrs, Occ: Housewife, R/o River Park Society. Vakkad Chinchod, Pune N/O Tikapur, Kailali, Nepal

On 19.10.2020 Nacharam Police Station, Rachakonda received a complainant from Mr. Chithapulusu Pradeep Kumar Occ: Business, r/o H.no. 4-9-61/B, Plot No: 177, HMT Nagar, Nacharam, stating that he is residing with his family along with 70 yrs old mother Mrs. Lalithamma. He contacted one Laxminarayana who is in facility management services, based on his reference 15 days back he appointed one Nepali couple namely Arjun Bahadur Kasera and Mrs. Maya Manju was his maidservants. On 19.10.2020 the complainant along with his son went to their office, later at about 1200 hrs his wife and daughter also went to Medak to attend one function by leaving his old mother at home. On the same day, the complainant returned home at about 2100 hours from his office and found his mother in an unconscious state. Then immediately the complainant went to the first floor and observed that the bedroom door and Cupboard and almirah lockers are in broken condition. The complainant called his servants but they were nowhere to be found and even their phone numbers were also switched off. Later he found. 18 thulas of gold ornaments, 40 thulas of Silver ornaments, and Net Cash Rs.10 lakhs were stolen.

The complainant strongly suspects his maidservants for the offense and for the attempt to kill his mother. Based on his complainant Mr. T. Kiran Kumar, Inspector of Police registered a case in Cr.No: 412/2020, U/s 392, 307 IPC, and the investigation was entrusted to Mr. K.S. Ratnam Detective Inspector of Police.

After knowing the offense and keeping the gravity and intensity of it, Mr. Mahesh M Bhagawat. IPS, Commissioner of Police alerted all the wings of Rachakonda to detect the case. A total of 15 teams formed consisting of 45 officers drawn from CCS SOT, IT, and law and order police. Teams were sent to various places railway stations. Airports Mumbai, Pune, Jhansi. Lucknow and to Nepal borders i.e. Rupadiah, Gourifanta Check posts.

The Following teams were formed to apprehension the accused:

1. Mr. Narender Goud, Inspector of Police, Keesara PS ( CDR Analysis, Interrogation, Coordination with all teams)

2. Mr. M Sridhar Reddy, Inspector IT Cell and team ( CDR Analysis, Interrogation, Coordination with all teams)

3. Mr. M Chandra Babu, Inspector of Police, Ghatkesar PS ( CDR Analysis, Interrogation, Coordination with all teams)

4. Mr. Kasi Reddy. Inspector of Police, CCS Malkajgiri (Pune Team)

5. Mr. Naveen Reddy, Inspector of Police, CCS Malkajgiri (Verification of local Nepalese)

6. Mr. P Venkateswarlu, Inspector of Police, CCS LB Nagar (Mumbai Team)

7. Mr. Balu Chowhan, Inspector of Police, CCS Malkajgiri (Rupadiah team- Nepal Border and Apprehended A2-Maya)

8. Mr. KS Ratnam, Inspector of Police, IN Malkajgiri (Verification of Local CCTV Footage)

9. Mr. M Mahesh, Inspector of Police, CCS LB Nagar (Jhansi. UP team)

10. Mr. MD Maqbool Jhansi, Inspector of Police, DI Medipally (Nepal Border team)

11. Mr. Venkanna Naik. Inspector of Police, CCS Malkajgiri (Verification of Nepalese in Local)

12. Mr. Jangaiah, Inspector of Police, Addl. Inspector of Ghatkesar PS (Pune Team)

13. Mr. Naveen Kumar. Inspector of Police, SOT Malkajgiri (Verification of CDR of local Nepalese)

14. Mr. Srinivas SIP and Srikanth SIP

15. Mr. Pragathi Ratan ( Cyber Crimes Expert- analyzed and verified the Social media accounts of accused persons)

On 22.10.2020 the team which was sent to Lucknow led by Mr. Balu Chowhan, Inspector CCS apprehended (A2) Maya alias Manju in Awadh bus stand, Lucknow who was ready to board a bus to Nepal, where he seized gold ornaments and net cash from her possession. Later she was produced in the local court of Lucknow and brought to Hyderabad on transit remand. Based on her confession, on 25.10.2020 in the evening, Mr. Ratnam, DI, Malkajgiri, and his team have apprehended accused persons from A-5 to A-8 at West Maredpally.

The accused person belongs to Nepal and they came to India for their livelihood, the accused persons used to work as laborers and maidservants in various places in India. Whenever they get a chance of working in a rich family’s house, by taking the chance they commit the offense. A-5 Rajesh who has been staying in Pune for the last two years has hatched a plan with other accused persons. As per his plan, he contacted one Gobind of Nepal who has been working as a security guard in Hyderabad. He visited Hyderabad in the month of September and asked him to keep his brother-in-law as a security guard in a rich family. Gobind searched for the job as per the requirement of their plan, when Laxminarayana (Security agency) contacted Gobind for house maidservants in the complainant’s house, then he immediately informed Arjun and Rajesh and requested them to send the couple photos. Then A-5 Rajesh sent photographs of Arjun and Maya. After confirmation from the Laxminarayana, A-9 Gobind went to Pune and brought Arjun and Maya and kept them as maidservants in the complainants’ house on 05.10.2020.

According to their plan, the accused persons Arjun and Maya settled in the house and gained the confidence of the house owner. Meantime Arjun called A3 and A4 from Pune, collected Lorazepam sleeping pills from them, and waited for a good time to execute their plan. When the complainant and his family left by leaving his mother at home all alone. Then the accused Arjun immediately called A-3 Ratan Bisht and A-4 Jagath Shahi and A2-Maya mixed the sleeping pills in tea and offered to Lalithamma, after taking tea she immediately went into an unconscious state. Then all the four accused committed theft in the house by breaking the bedroom door and almirah. After committing offense all the four accused fled away to Lucknow. Before boarding a bus to Nagpur, Arjun met Rajesh, Nirmal, Hemprasad, and Mrs. Bisna and they shared their booty, further, the accused Rajesh and other offenders stayed back at Hyderabad to commit further offenses as they were not satisfied with their share of the booty.

The Absconding accused are:

1.A1 Arjun Kasera (Absconding)

2.A3 Ratan Bisht (Absconding)

3.A4 Jagath Shahi (Absconding )

4.A9 Gobind Bahadur (Absconding)

The Seized property from the accused are:

1 One Gold haram with locket; Total Gold Ornaments W.g. 09 thulas

2 One Gold Miryala haram

3 One pair of Pedda buttalu (Ear tops)

4 One pair of gold-coated silver anklets

5 Two Wristwatches

6 One iPhone

7 One strip Lorazepam sleeping pills

8 Net Cash Rs.1,49,876/-

The sensational case has been detected under the leadership of Mr. Mahesh M Bhagwat IPS, Commissioner of Police, Mr. G Sudheer Babu IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police Rachakonda, Ms. Rakshitha K Murty IPS, DCP Malkajgiri and the guidance of Mr. Yadagiri DCP Crimes, Mr. Srinivas Addl. DCP Crimes, Mr. Surender Addl. DCP SOT. Mrs. Shaik Saleema Addl. DCP Crimes, Mrs. Shyam Prasad Rao, ACP Malakgiri division, Inspectors, and their teams from the CCS, SOT, IT Cell, and Law and Order worked hard and detected the case.

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