dd-policeDaman and Diu remained Portuguese colonies for nearly four centuries. On 19th December, 1961. It got liberated from Portuguese Rule became part of the UT of Goa, Daman & Diu. On 30th May 1987 UT of Daman & Diu came into existence after Goa became State. Daman & Diu police is run by the Goa Government rules till 1987.

Daman is 193 Km from Mumbai, on the western side of National Highway No 8. Vapi, about 12 Kms. from Daman, is the Main Rail Head. Diu is located at the southern most tip of Saurashtra near Veraval. Diu is about 760 Kms. away from Daman.

Languages spoken – Gujarati, Hindi and Portuguese. Major river crossing Daman is Damanganga. Diu is an island surrounded by Arabian Sea but now two bridges connect it with Gujarat. Annual rainfall in mm – 1830 in Daman, 590 in Diu. Daman & Diu together form one parliamentary constituency. Manish Kumar Agrawal, IPS, is the Inspector General of Police (IGP) UTs of Daman Diu.

History of Police

The Latin word “Politia”, the Greek word “Polis”, the Spanish word “Policia” and the French word “Police” sound more or less similar in pronunciation. The word Police is derived from all these words, which mean citizenship, government, capital and city. The rulers in the different ages sought the service of a group of people in order to keep law and order, to prevent crimes, to find out criminals, to execute punishment, to ensure law, discipline and morality, and to provide security among the subjects. In a broad sense such caretakers evolved into Police force in later ages.

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