Tue. May 21st, 2019

Vepery Police seized stolen bikes and apprehended accused


Chennai: During a vehicle check conducted by the Vepery police on Wednesday the police came across four youngsters who were riding hi –end motorcycles and on the benefit of doubt took the four for questioning to the police station. On interrogation it was found that the motorcycles were stolen and used for illegal racing.

The four youths were arrested and it was further found from the interrogation that one of them sold a stolen vehicle on an online sales platform using fake documents, the police said.

The vehicle check was done early on Wednesday, headed by crime inspector Mr. Siddharth Shankar, near Brick Kiln Road. He intercepted four youth riding high-end motorcycles. On questioning the officer took the four youths into custody. On further interrogation all the youths met on the illegal racing circuit. The police claim they stole motorcycles and used them for illegal racing. A total of 11 motorcycles were seized from them.



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