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Rachakonda: The Rachakonda Police Commissionerate is covering 07 GHMC Circles, 30 GHMC Wards in 13 Police Stations with 14.2 lakh voters. Total 1637 Polling Stations covering 576 Polling Locations are categorized as follows:

  1. Normal
  2. Sensitive
  3. Hyper Sensitive

Total Scale for Bandobust:

  1. 1 PS
  2. 2 PSs
  3. 3 & above PSs

Normal Polling Locations

  1. 398
  2. 166 12
  3. 576

Polling Stations

  1. 1072
  2. 512 53
  3. 1637


2 PCs + 2 ODs 1 HC + 2 PCs + 2 ODS

3 PCs + 3 ODs

1 HC + 3 PCs + 4 ODs

4 PCs +4 ODs 1 HC +4 PCs + 6 ODs

Hyper Sensitive

1 SI + 1 HC + 2 PC + 4

Armed 1 SI + 1 HC + 4 PCs + 4

Armed + 1 HC + 6 PCs + 4 Armed

Total 104 Route Mobiles are deployed to cover the Polling Locations.

Total 06 Flying Squad Teams and 06 Static Surveillance Teams are working. These teams are working 24/7 in three shifts, the teams are organizing random and surprise checks to ensure MCC.

ASCP/SHOWS are designated to each GHMC Circle as Nodal Officer for coordinating with Election authorities.

A total of 533 Nominations were filed by various Political Parties as follows:

TRS: 116; TDP:  56; BDPS: 02; BJP: 110; TJS: 12; LOKSATTA: 01; CONG: B 72; JSP: 05; INDP: 159

All Polling Centres are under CCTV surveillance and barricading at 100 meters distance maintaining. Armed Force is guarding ballot papers and ballot boxes at 06 Distribution.

Reception & Counting Centres.

At the Counting Centres, 3 Tier bandobast is arranging with Paramilitary Forces, Armed Forces and Civil Forces in 3 Shifts under the surveillance of CCTV.

At Printing Press providing bandobast with Armed Guards, Local Police and arranging to barricade, Video Camera. At the time of transportation providing Armed Escort. Identified vulnerable areas in the Wards and focussing on special teams.

Total 10,000 force to be utilized to conduct fair and free GHMC Elections. 8,000 Civil Police force will be utilizing in election processes. 2,000 Armed forces will be used in sensitive and critical Polling Locations along with Civil Force.

Enforcement Details

Conducted meetings with all Political Parties PS wise and sensitized them regarding MCC.

Conducted Zone wise sensitization meeting covering all ranks of Police Officers. Organizing Check-posts in static and dynamic mode at 29 places and 90 pickets are installed to control the flow of money, liquor, and gift articles,

Flag Marches are being conducted in all mixed localities and troublesome areas to instill confidence in the voters.

Area domination exercise through foot patrolling is being organized in identified places.

Camera mounted patrolling vehicles are being used in public meetings/ Rallies, processions, and in important sensitive areas.

Enforcement Work

History Sheeters like Rowdy Sheeters, bad characters, trouble mongers, Communal offenders were bonded over for keeping good behavior U/Sec 109, 110 CrPC. So far Total of 89 persons bonded over.

Total 353 Licensed Arms deposited with Police out of 711.

Total of 140 NBWs executed out of 457.

IT Applications

Total Polling Locations are GEO tagged. CC cameras will be arranged in the Sensitive/Critical Polling Stations. – Rachakonda Whatsapp control is used to take the complaints from citizens. Social Media is being monitored for any provocative, communal shades closely by three teams.

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