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BiharBihar is situated in east India and it is the 12th largest state of India, with an area of 94, 163 Kilo Metres, (36,357) Square Miles.  It is contiguous with Uttar Pradesh to its West, Nepal to the North, the northern part of West Bengal to the East and with Jharkhand to the South.  The Bihar plain is split by the river Ganges that flows from west to east. Patna is the capital of Bihar, with 38 districts. P K Thakur IPS, is the present Director General of Police (DGP) in the state of Bihar.  


Bihar is a state in East India, bordering Nepal. It is divided by the River Ganges, which floods its fertile plains. Important Buddhist pilgrimage sites include the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya’s Mahabodhi Temple, under which the Buddha allegedly meditated. In the state capital Patna, Mahavir Mandir temple is revered by Hindus, while Sikhs worship at the domed, riverside Gurdwara of Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji.


The Bihar Police is the law enforcement agency for the state of Bihar. It comes under direct control of Department of Home Affairs, Government of Bihar. The Bihar Police is headed by a Director General of Police. (DGP; three-star rank). The state is divided into four zones (Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga and Bhagalpur), each commanded by an Additional Director General (Addl. DGP; three-star rank) or an Inspector-General (IGP; two-star rank).

Each zone is divided into two to three ranges, each commanded by a Deputy Inspector-General (DIGP; one-star rank). Within each range are anywhere from three to six districts, each under a Superintendent of Police. Patna is under a Senior Superintendent of Police.