Goa is known to be the Coolest Place in India. The people of this kingdom are strong, prudent and very hardworking. The kingdom of Goa is the most important in India. It has famous orchards and water and it is also also t is the most plentiful in foodstuffs.’
‘The white people make a practice of going to the kingdom of Goa to enjoy the shade and the groves of trees and to savour the sweet betel.’

In those tumultuous and rebellious times in the sixties, it was then not the ‘sweet betel’ that was the prime attraction but a different kind of ‘weed’. But Goa, since those days of the angry generation, has moved on to attract a multitudinous, peaceful and cosmopolitan school of visitors from all around the globe.

The state of Goa covers an area of 3,702 sq. km.and the capital is Panaji. Goa’s population is 1458545 with 739140 Males and 719405 Females. Marathi and Konkani are two major languages of Goa. Hindi, the national language of India, is well understood in Goa. In major towns, English is widely used in writing and conversation.

About Police

With Liberation and the departure of the Portuguese, began a long and exhaustive overhaul of the Goa Police. Work to reorganize the police department on the lines of what existed in the rest of the country, began in right earnest. N R Nagu took over as the first Inspector General of Police (IGP) of free Goa and a host of other appointments were made just a day after liberation.

But it was not until 1966 that major changes began to be made and felt when the police force was reorganized following recommendations made by B Shetty, Additional DGP in CBI.
He discovered that the system had several gaping holes and that the police personnel were still looked at with suspicion by the common man, unable to forget their Portuguese links. His recommendations laid the foundation for the emergence of the Goa Police force as we know today.
The Goa Police force was headed by an Inspector General of Police until 2nd Feb 1999. On 15th Auguts 1997 it even underwent a uniform change the staid and authoritarian khakhi giving way to a more pleasant and elegant designed by the famed fashion designer, Wendell Rodricks. Dr Muktesh Chander is the present Director General of Police (DGP) of Goa.