Tue. May 21st, 2019

Byndoor Police extended helping hand to a man in distress


Udupi: The police managed to rescue a 50-year-old man who was bound with ropes and chains to a tree.   The police picked him up from a location close to the National Highway 66 at Arehole near Byndoor in Udupi district on Saturday.

The Byndoor police, after rescuing the man have identified him as Sayyad Koya from Nadapuram near Kozhikode in Kerala. The police said that a call came to them in the morning stating that a man had been tied to a tree. On reaching the spot, they saw that the man was not only tied but also chained.

On seeing the man’s plight, the police personal who had reached the spot freed him and then took him to a blacksmith at Navunda to free him from the chains.

In an effort to extract information from Koya, the police questioned him and he was found to be incoherent and according to him, he was tied there on Friday evening. The Byndoor police later informed the Nadapuram police, who, in turn, have informed Koya’s family members.

Mr. Koya’s family members were expected to reach Byndoor police station, where Koya is presently put up, on Sunday. The police said that the actual reason why he was tied to the tree might be known then.




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