Constable appreciated for timely act and wins honeymoon trip

A police constable’s timely action made him to emerge as a hero. He was attached to the Bellandur police station and was on night patrol in the area. He gave a four-km chase to the armed accused, in which Mr.Venkatesh  has earned appreciation and an unexpected wedding gift from his seniors: a honeymoon trip to Munnar.

The 31-year-old constable was returning to the station after finishing his night shift at around 2.45 a.m. on Friday when he heard the cries of help from Mr.Hanumanth, a fast-food chain employee who was returning from work. The accused had snatched his mobile phone.

Mr. Venkatesh, quickly reacting to the situation, chased the robbers, who were heading towards Koramangala, on his bike. After a four-km chase, one of them escaped, but the constable managed to catch up with the other accused.

The constable knocked down the accused, but slipped, fell on the road, and injured himself. That did not stop him from seeing this to the end.

He got back on his feet, and pinned down the accused, who was later identified as Arun Dayal, 20, from Koramangala. Mr. Venkatesh alerted Koramagala patrolling police who escorted Dayal to the station for further inquiries.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr.Abdul Ahad (Whitefield), said that Mr.Venkatesh’s presence of mind and courage helped us crack a gang.

When Mr. Ahad spoke to Mr. Venkatesh, he found out that the constable was due to get married on November 2 at his home town, Belur. As a token of appreciation, Mr. Ahad decided to sponsor Mr. Venkatesh’s honeymoon trip to Munnar for three nights and four days.

Mr. Ahad said that such a gesture will not only encourage him to continue doing good work but will also prove to be an inspiration to other police personnel. Mr. Venkatesh was happy that his work had been recognized.

In a similar act of good gesture, Mr.Ravi D. Channanavar, DCP (West), had recently sent a beat constable on a south India trip, for catching a thief.

Mr Venkatesh said that there are many police personnel who do this as part of their job daily. It is by sheer luck that my work got recognized and appreciated.

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