Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Delhi Police arrested a man having many criminal cases


New Delhi: As the Delhi police were engaged in curtailing the crime they came across a 53 year old man who was recently released from jail and had a track record of being involved in 37 criminal cases.He was arrested from South-East Delhi’s Nizamuddin, the police said on Wednesday.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-East) Mr. Chinmoy Biswal said after the police interrogated the two accomplices who were arrested earlier the police received a confidential piece of information that the accused, Sharafat Sheikh, a resident of Basti Nizamuddin, was involved  in criminal cases. Based on this information he was arrested. The accomplices were identified as Pappu alias Kana alias Tabrez, (33), a resident of Basti Nizamuddin, and Piyush Verma (23), a resident of Railway Colony on Lodhi Road, the police said.
Mr.Biswal said that Verma was arrested on January 25 as a vehicle check was being conducted by the police.When the was scrutanised it was found that he did not have proper documents and the scooty was stolen.
When the police interrogated Varma, the son of a Railways employee, he confessed to the police that he was addicted to drugs and liquor. He further said that in order to meet his needs, he started stealing motorcycles and mobile phones from Nizamuddin, which he sold to Pappu.
On getting the information from Varma the police traced and arrested Pappu. During interrogation, Pappu allegedly disclosed that he was working for Sharafat. Once the stolen materials were purchased he would hand them over to Sharafat, who in turn supplied these vehicles to drug peddlers so that they could abandon them in case of any apprehension of arrest, Mr. Biswal said.
 On the information provided by Pappu, the police conduced a raid at Sharafat’s residence and arrested him. Sheikh Hannan  was identified by the police as an accomplice of Sharafat and he was arrested with illegal arms. A countrymade pistol was recovered from him.
Both Sheikh Hannan and Sharafat had been booked under Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA)  in 2005. Sharafat was in judicial custody since June 2006 for being part of an organised crime syndicate and was released recently the police said.

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