Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Delhi Police arrested husband for the murder of his wife


New Delhi: The Delhi police arrested a 48-year-old businessman on Friday for murdering his wife at her home in North East Delhi’s Jafarabad.

The police identified the businessman as Anees Qureshi. He murdered his wife by strangling her. Police said he killed his wife because he suspected her of having an extra-marital affair. He told his relatives and neighbors that she died because of a long duration illness. His wife’s name is Asma and has two children.

As the murdered woman’s husband, Qureshi and his family members were allegedly preparing to bury her body, a neighbor noticed strangulation marks around the woman’s neck and informed the police, who then took the body into custody. The body was then sent to Guru Teg Bahadur (GTB) hospital for an autopsy. As the police were not sure, how the woman died, they waited for the autopsy report and initiated investigation proceedings under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).

Mr. Atul Kumar Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police (northeast), said on receiving the autopsy report on Thursday, it was revealed that Asma’s death was caused due to strangulation. On confirmation of the autopsy report, her husband and in-laws were taken into custody and interrogated. The husband confessed to the crime and said that he suspected his wife was cheating on him and he murdered her.

The couple had a love marriage which took place around 20 years ago which was against the wishes of their families and they had two children. They had been living independently for the last five years. Asma lived with her children in a flat in Jafarabad. Qureshi was living with his second wife and three children and other family members at his parental home in Chauhan Bangar, near Jafarabad

As Qureshi was being interrogated, Mr.Thakur said, Qureshi told the police that he often visited Asma’s flat to meet her and their children even though they lived seprately  The couple often had arguments because Qureshi suspected her of having an affair.

Qureshi arrived on April 1, to Asma’s flat around 2pm when she was alone and found her speaking on the phone.

An investigator of the case said on seeing her speaking on the phone he asked her who she was speaking to. Asma strongly criticized him, saying it was none of his business. Her reaction enraged Qureshi and he strangled her during a scuffle.

When Qureshi realized that Asma had died he got afraid. He then informed his family members about her death, but did not tell them that he murdered her. He told the neighbours about her death and told them that he had come to meet Asma after she told him that she suffered of severe stomach pain. Qureshi told the neighbours that Asma was suffering from some serious ailment for the past couple of years.


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