Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Delhi Police arrested Minor accused in murder


New Delhi: The Delhi Police arrested a minor boy aged 17 for his involvement in the murder of a gym trainer, 27 in Najafgarh on Tuesday. The murder was committed with an intension for the minor to become part of a criminal gang, two other persons were involved in the murder, the police said.

Mr. Mohit Mor was killed by the accused who were accompanied with rewarded criminals Vikas and Rohit at a photocopy shop. The CCTV footage of the three entering the shop was taken, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Yadav said.

When the police received a confidential piece of information, the personal took the necessary action and arrested the minor on Thursday at around 4 p.m. from Golf Course Road intersection.

When the police was interrogating the minor, he confessed to the police that, as he wanted to join the Kapil Sangwan alias Nandu gang he had approached a member of the gang, Sandeep Pahalwan who put him to test-to-test his criminal activity.

Mr. Yadav said the gang member, Pahalwan called the minor on Tuesday asking him to come to Bhukhandi Road where the other members of the gang, Vikas and Rohit were waiting for him on a scooty. Once they assembled, Pahalwan handed each of them a pistol and gave them the address where Mor was available. The accused directly went to the spot and fired 13 rounds at Mor killing him on the spot.

The police said that Rs.30 lakh was invested by Mangu; a member of the Kapil Sangwan gang, through Mor. Mangu was later killed by the members of the rival gang, Manjeet Mahal gang in 2017. After the murder of Mangu, Mor did not return the money to his friends but instead took protection from Manjeet Mahal gang through Vishal Dalal and Pradeep Solanki. Last week Vishal Dalal was killed in a shootout in Dwarka.

A decision to eliminate Mor was taken when he denied Mangu’s friends when they asked him again to give them the money, the police said.

The police said that the three, Pahalwan, Vikas and Rohit have a number of cases of murder registered against them. Pahalwan has seven cases, Vikas has ten and carries a reward of Rs.50, 000/- for his arrest and Rohit is also a wanted criminal with a reward of Rs.25,000/- on his head.





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