Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

District Police Chiefs of two states conduct meeting to analyze methods to prevent flow of liquor, money during election


Adilabad: A meeting was conducted by the Superintendents of Police of Adilabad district in Telangana Mr. Vishnu S. Warrier and his counterpart Mr. M. Raj Kumar, Yavatmal district in Maharashtra.

During the meeting both the District Police Chiefs, Mr. Raj Kumar and Mr. Vishnu S. Warrier  on Thursday agreed that police on both sides of the inter-State border will cooperate to check flow of liquor and money during the run up to December 7 election in Telangana.

The two District Police Chiefs agreed that officials on both sides of the border would establish a network to share and exchange information aimed at maintaining peace during the election.

The meeting of the two top police officials in neighboring districts on either side of the border were headed by their respective teams of officers at a meeting which was held at Pandharkawda town in Yavatmal district.

They discussed the common areas where cooperation is needed.

The Maharashtra police agreed that check points will be established on borders in order to control flow of liquor and money. Additional SP Mr.S. Mohan Reddy and Adilabad DSP Mr. K. Narasimha Reddy and Pandharkawda DSP Mr. Amol Koli were among the officers from the two States who attended the meeting.

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