Drunk law Student rams Porsche car into 12 autos in Chennai; 1 dead, 10 injured


Chennai: An auto-rickshaw driver was killed in Chennai early on Monday morning after being hit by a Porsche car being driven by a law student who was allegedly drunk.

Vikas Vijayanand,  22, has been arrested. At least three more drivers were wounded when, around 3.30 am, he rammed a dozen auto-rickshaws parked in a row on the city’s Cathedral Road. One driver, 29-year-old G Arumugam, was killed on the spot. Some of the autos were almost reduced to a crumpled heap.

The gleaming blue Porsche was also completely smashed.  A police officer  says “The student Vikas Vijayanand was drunk while driving. We are investigating,”.

Auto-drivers often sleep in their vehicles after parking on the roadside.  “I heard a screeching noise of brakes…that’s all. My chest was hurting and I went blank. I realized what had happened only when the police came… they only helped the car driver and took him away,” said Sundar, one of the drivers who witnessed the accident and was also injured.

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