Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Fruitful efforts by police to make Yeshwantpur flyover safe for driving


Bengaluru: In order to make the Yeshwantpur flyover a safer place for the vehicles that take the flyover the city Traffic Police have installed metal reflectors to see the road ahead when the curve is reached and ahead.

DCP (Traffic – West) Ms. S.K. Soumyalatha said that to reduce the number of accidents on the flyover the police have installed metal reflectors and tape, which will aid drivers on the flyover to see the steep curve from a distance even in the dark. She said that a requisition has been placed to install scientifically designed speed breakers at both ends of the flyover in order to slow down vehicles and to increase the height of the railings up to a height of one foot to prevent vehicles from falling off the flyover.

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