Tue. May 21st, 2019

SP Pravesh Kumar Announces Reduction In Accidents This Year In Vellore District


The awareness camp was held yesterday at the Guard Hall of the Vellore Fort. Vellore District Superintendent of Police, Pravesh Kumar, IPS presided over this event.

In this event ADSP Mr. Athiveerapandian, ADSP Mr.Aasaithambi, DSP Mr. Sreedharan, DSP Mr. Alex, Women’s Hardness Prevention Division DSP Mr.Jayasubramanian , DSP Mr. Radha Krishnan and Police Inspectors Mr. Nagarajan and Mr. Asokan (Special Division), Mr.Mani (Vellore Transport), Mr. Sandra Moorthy (Sutavakari Traffic) and more than 500 people were present on this occasion.

Vellore District Superintendent of Police Mr. Pravesh Kumar said: ‘In the Vellore district, in this year 370 accidents happened. The number of deaths decreased by 150 compared to last year. However, it is necessary to reduce these accidents completely.

Auto, bus, van Drivers require more responsibility in passengers who travel their vehicles.

According to the survey, 3 lakh accidents occur every 10 minutes in India. It is our responsibility to reduce such accidents. Everyone should know the rules and regulations to drive vehicles.

Most of the accidents cause violation of traffic rules, also drivers doing drink and drive vehicle. Most of the drivers while driving don’t care about the vehicles coming behind of their vehicle. Hence, drivers can be avoided the carelessness.

Traffic regulation violations and negligence of motorists are causing accidents, said Superintendent of Police Mr.Pravesh Kumar,IPS.

Follow this ADSP Mr. Athiveerapandian speaks to drivers and especially school bus drivers should be more careful to School Students. All drivers should know about ‘Good touch … bad touch’ whenever handle students.

Drivers should help disabled person when travelling on the vehicle. It should also be caught properly and help, it not should be a wrong touch.

If the faulty complaint comes with a sexual touch, the arrest will be taken under POCSO law. The POCSO regulations act will punish 50 years imprisonment. The family of the detainees is affected.

In this event Auto, Bus and Van drivers from Vellore, Katpadi participated.


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