Tue. May 21st, 2019

Kerala DGP issues direction to implement ‘Kaizen’ in all police stations in the State


Kozhikode: The Kerala State Director General of Police Mr. Lokanath Behera, IPS has issued a direction to all the District Police Chiefs to immediately implement ‘Kaizen’, an initiative introduced by the Kozhikode City Police to clean up police stations and their surroundings, across the State before July 1, 2019.

The action plan that was prepared during the project launch in Kozhikode city has been forwarded to all The Range Inspector Generals of Police and The District Police Chiefs to be taken into consideration as a model for implementation. The directive issued by the Director General of Police also notes that Kaizen, which means ‘continuous improvement’ in Japanese, is an impressive and useful project.

This new project, ‘Kaizen’ is using a rating system in which the Police Officers belonging to their respective Police Stations are accountable for keeping their stations clean and the best performing Police Station will be selected for the best Police Station title. If in case the position of the Police Station is in the last level of the rating system, it will be graded as the poorly managed Police Station. Good service entry will be given to the Police Officers who come up with useful suggestions.

This project was introduced and initiated by the former City Police Chief; Mr. K. Sanjay Kumar Gurudin in February 2019 and its main aim is to make the Police Station an inspiring workspace by clearing up unnecessary materials and files that are piled up in the premises. The respective Station House Officers concerned will be primarily responsible for identifying the work and making a proper division of the work among the subordinates and its timely completion. As proof, they will also have to submit photographs to their respective District Police Chief.

‘Kaizen’ also involves the improvement of internal administration but the initial focus will be on the improvement physical infrastructure and facilities. Teams will be formed separately to execute the cleaning and beautification work of the District Police Chief’s office, District Headquarters Camp, traffic units, control room, special cells, police stations and Ministerial staff offices.

In Kozhikode city, the project ‘Kaizen’ has reached the final stage of implementation. The Nadakkavu police station in which this new project is being implemented has nearly completed the beautification work and clearing of the junk. The construction of a lawn is in progress to make the station more appealing.




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