Tue. May 21st, 2019

Kochi Shadow Police made a magnificent seizure and arrested the accused concerned


Kochi: In a dramatic action displayed by the Kochi city police as it seized a large quantity of drugs that was smuggled into the city by arresting a Chennai resident. He was in possession of the stimulant party drug, methamphetamine which also is called as ice meth.

The police seized 2kg of the drug which costed around Rs.5 Crores. They also seized 2litres of suspended hashish oil from the accused who was identified as S. Ibrahim aged 59 of Mount Road, Chennai.

The drug that was smuggled into the city was targeted to be used for the New Year celebration. The material that was smuggled was meant for sale in small quantities across the state.

The police were making a close watch on a Chennai based racket engaged in smuggling drugs across the country on a confidential piece of information received by City Police Commissioner Mr. M.P. Dinesh.

The police were tracking the phone calls and social media messages of the gang. He police claims that this was the first of its kind in relation to the quantity of the methamphetamine seized in the state.

The drug primarily originates mainly in Malaysia and Singapore as it is made in these countries. The material is then smuggled out to Sri Lanka by sea from where it was delivered to the port cities of Chennai and Thoothukudi by using the refugees as the carriers of the drug into the country.

Mr. J. Himendranath, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Kochi City) said that the accused was part of the racket that delivered the drug to Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi using a network of agents.

The Police team who were involved in arresting the accused comprised of Mr. A. B. Vibin, Sub-Inspector, Shadow Police; Mr. Vibindas, Sub-Inspector, North Police; and civil police officers Mr. Afsal, Mr. Usman, Mr. Sanu, Mr. Vinod, and Mr. Sanumon and the District Crime Branch was led by Mr. Biji George, Assistant Commissioner of Police.



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