Man arrested for harassing student on social media


An e-rickshaw driver harassed, blackmailed and threatened a 20-year-old student by demanding an amount of  Rs.1 lakh from her failing which he would share her morphed pictures on social media, the police said on Saturday.

He had contacted the victim by posing himself as someone else of facebook.The accused has been arrested, they added.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-West) Ms.Aslam Khan said the accused, Abhyajeet Kumar, was arrested from Jahangirpuri on Friday.

Ms. Khan said that the victim approached them a about a month ago saying that a person had shared her morphed photographs on social media and has also defamed her.

The accused allegedly sent her a request on Facebook about four months ago with a different name following which she accepted it and they started chatting.

A senior police officer said that she had never met him. After they started talking, he also proposed to her but she did not accept it. However, he kept on sending her messages but she eventually stopped responding,.

The accused then morphed her picture and sent it to her, demanding Rs.1 lakh from the victim, the police said.

Also, Kumar told her that if she failed to pay the amount, he would share the images on social media. The victim then blocked Kumar on the social media site.

A few week later, he threatened her again using another Facebook account.

When the woman did not respond, he created a fake Facebook profile using the morphed picture and sent friend requests to all her friends.

Ms. Khan said the woman saw the fake profile and decided to approach the police at Model Town police station.

During investigation, the police found that the real name of the accused and that he used a fake picture on all the accounts he made on Facebook.

The DCP said that Kumar said that he saw this as an easy way to make money. He has no previous criminal record.

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