Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Noida Police arrested 3 persons for cheating over 100 people


Noida: The Noida Police said that they have arrested 3 persons who were involved in cheating over 100 victims of money and valuables on Friday. The crime has been committed by the accused for the past eight months, they said.

The three accused namely Abid, Rakesh and Ramukar targeted their victims near banks, bus stands and railway stations. They tempted the victims with a bundle of cash, the police said. The three accused assured their victims that they had stolen the money from their employer because they were not paid but tells them that they do not have any bank account to deposit the money. A police officer said that the accused used to target illiterate people. The victims fearing legal action avoided approaching police.

The accused gave their victims the bundle of cash which had two original notes on front and two at the back but filled with fake ones in between. The police said that the accused requested the victims to deposit the money in their account and transfer it later but request the victims to give them some money or jewellery in exchange, the police said.

The officer said after receiving a confidential piece of information, we deployed officers at the suspected spots and nabbed the accused.



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